Our Wedding Films

this section features our wedding films across variety of locations, events, emotions, fun elements and stories.

Films are all about stories..  made of the subjects, elements and ofcourse narratives. From fun to quirky, from emotional to romantic.. the possibilities are endless. The only thing that structures them, is the content.

Here’s a sneak peak to our featured films.

Kindly view the complete film to understand the process properly instead of swiping through the timeline ( that is not the right way to be looking at it )

Wedding Films are meant to be beautiful, they are curated just the way the events unfold and are structured in a storytelling manner. The pace however can be fast or slow, depending upon the content. If the events are full of dance, performances and upbeat crowd, you seem to get the same reflected in your video and in case it’s the opposite.. then it becomes more subtle and slow, which isn’t a bad option at all. Subtle videos are long lasting and they serve as a emotional memory where as the fun versions are completely dedicated to the new generation and their taste.

Getting a film made as per the requirement needs a lot of back end research along with a script, not just a narrative but the shot expectations, music expectation and pace implementation. If you have a unique idea about your wedding film, also know as a cinematic film or wedding cinematography, we are all ears and would love to be involved in something new.

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