Our Story

Complete mads and travel freaks, that’s what explain us the best. Workaholics yet love to pamper each other. We never fail to give time to each other and to express our love no matter what the occasion is. We would not say that we will die for each other but yes we would live with each other till we die.We just love adventures and making others happy. When with each other we are kids when at work no body can beat us. We love to plan things and achieve it at the earliest. I love him and he loves his football team :p that kind of annoys me but that okay.

Our meeting was no less than a movie where i played a typical hindi movie heroine who took ages to accept her love to the poor guy who is slogging really hard day in and out just get his girl love him. it all started in the year 2011 when i joined an IT company being from an aviation background,which i still wonder why or maybe because it was destined. So i was one reserved kind of a girl who would never talk to anyone. It was a first day at work and our session was about to start and here comes a knock at the door and guess what it was him, i never liked people who walk in late so his fist impression was down that drain. This kept on happening and i kept on observing him and later with time we started having conflicts as to whose work is better. The entire office was on one side and our battle was something else. He was one nasty guy who would even fight with girls for work and at that time i was the victim. Later with time we happen to be in a same team so we had to see each others face every day and every single hour. We would always be seen fighting with each other no matter what the day is what the place is. This thing kept going on for good three months and we never realized but we were actually spending most of our time with each other. We were working together eating together not because we wanted but we had to. The day i used to happy was when he used to have his team’s football match because he would never turn up to office. People around us started making assumptions already and were considering us as a couple but he made me understood that we know what we are we are just friends and nothing else. I was always happy with this trait of him of just not thinking what others think. Later with time we both had to leave our jobs as we both got better opportunities. The last day of the work we both realized what our relationship actually meant. For me it took time to get convince as i said i was the typical heroine of the movie so i always had a no as an answer and it took me an year to confess my love.

We always thought that marriage will be the final stage of our love. We never rushed and wanted to give time and space to each other which we always did. We have seen each other growing at the work front and when a person becomes responsible, starts taking care of not just you but your family too and never forget the pettiest thing you said that’s when you say is the right person and the right time to exchange the rings and change the surname :p . When my dad said he is the guy you should consider to marry i didn’t give a second thought to it.

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