I was working in Jaipur, I was not ready to get married but my mom pushed me for all this. So I made my profile on a matrimony website ( still not interested ) and didn’t care of any requests coming in. I shifted to Ajmer soon and started working there. One day I was in a meeting and I suddenly got a message from Prameets father, who saw my profile online and liked it, so I gave my mothers number to Prameets father. When I came back from work, my mother already had a word with his father and after that his father called me and our conversation lasted an hour. He told me that Prameet will call me so that we get to know each other and I got a call from him and that very first day we spoke for almost 2 hours whatever was in our mind and heart we told each other and we were so comfortable..

I still remember it was 17th april 2015 when we spoke first. His mother and he came to my house on 22nd april and that day we met for the first time we talked and everything went well, we liked each other and his family said yes but me and my family were in a doubt that everything is going too fast and on 9th may my brother went to their house in Jamshedhpur, met everyone and then we also agreed to go ahead and finally got enagaged on 27th june.

About Him

Prameet is a very simple and extremely emotional person who gives importance to family values and tradition a lot. I have never seen a person with lot of patience and who can easily handle my stupidity and anger. I am very lucky to have him in my life. I have never seen anyone in my life at least who is making so many efforts to make me feel special and to make me realize that how much he loves me. He accepted me the way I am , he never asked me to change anything in me. I am not that expressive and I have never told all this to him but now I got opportunity to express my feeling and love for him through this blog.