Our Story

Ours was quite an intense-full on dramatic kind of a story (it might have something to do with us being a little dramatic ourselves) but it has been a ride that has gone through its stormy days and now as I write this, we sit looking out at the clear skies.

So, the first time we met was when he came and picked me up from the Delhi airport with a dear common friend of ours. That meeting, it turns out was not the first time we had met, as he remembered me as the annoying girl who he got dragged along to meet in the blazing heat of Chandigarh on a sunny summer afternoon.

Being the decent guy that he was, he helped me kick-start my 2 wheeler with my friend, ignoring how irritated he already was by the delay caused in him getting to Delhi from Chandigarh and this was back when I was doing my schooling in Chandigarh in 2008.  So when I flew down to Delhi from my college in Singapore in 2010, he tagged along to pick me up from the Airport. Gratitude was least expected but me being me completely forgot that we had even met.  That day he told me, “ You will never forget me again”

And then we started off.  We went from doing super long-distance to finally being together. It took us a lot of excuses, cancelled flight tickets and secretly accumulated new flight tickets (also involving a particularly amusing incident where I according to my parents went “missing” for a day ( ofcourse I was with him), failed to board my international flight and ended up in Delhi with pissed off parents and a long broke month to go ahead).

Our Story continued I moved from Singapore to Gurgaon , Karan within a year moved to Gurgaon to be with me and then came the addition of our surrogate child – our beautiful black Labrador Misty. Finally our dramatic, crazy, fun & beautiful relationship culminated into marriage with the blessings of our families to reach where we are today.

The Events


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Day 1 kicked off with the customary rituals – a Pooja that went on forever (no, not me) and ended with the Engagement function which we hoped wouldn’t end.

At the end of each day, we would just sit with each other and try to comprehend that it was finally happening. We had waited so very long for this moment and we couldn’t believe that soon it was to pass us by.


By Day 2, I got used to our friends at Our Wedding Chapter sneaking around us everywhere we went, capturing even the littlest of the moments and made the whole experience even more beautiful by ten-folds. They were also the friendliest lot and were able to add smiles to our faces even when I was on a bridal rage.

It was the day everyone was looking forward to – we had the Mehandi function set up, with all sorts of props and a particularly crazy friend who wouldn’t stop dishing out spiked ice-golas to everyone in the vicinity, making the merry merrier.  If I ever got the chance to say a thank you speech, I would thank WedMeGood & Pinterest for the décor ideas they gave me, that Mehandi set-up was just divine.

In the evening, everyone still reeling from the Mehendi function excitedly got together for the Sangeet Samaroah – it took 3 weeks of perfecting dance routines with some great choreographers to make my friends and family put up a show on the stage on various songs.  Karan for that matter also got rid of his image of having two left feet and impressed my mother the most in particular after he danced along brilliantly with me on stage.

At the end of Day 2, it still had not sunk in completely that – this was it.


Day 3 had arrived. The wedding day.

The wedding was an intimate 3 day affair at a picturesque boutique palace – Hotel Talaibagh Palace located close to Jaipur City.  A destination wedding was something that we had always been looking forward to and it took a lot of effort , right from planning things to the most minute details to keeping our calm during the jitters as the days inched closer.

You put together a Punjabi family, thrown in some crazy music, add vibrant clothing (almost as vibrant as us) and gramophone pieces on each table (not to forget the free-flowing alcohol) and pack them off to luxurious hotel and fun is what we have.

It was a whirlwind of a day – everything that could’ve gone wrong, had gone wrong on this day yet as I entered my room for the last time before I would go out and be pronounced a bride, it all just felt perfect after all I was marrying the Love of my Life.