Our Story



Our families have been friends since we were in high school and that’s how we met!

Both of us are silly, funny and weird in our own kind of ways! That’s why we fit like pieces of a puzzle. We love to travel, watch nonsense comedy movies and laugh till our face hurts! We are best friends who got a chance to spend rest of our lives together and are very thankful for the same. Gautam has a great sense of humor and makes friends very easily – he’s usually the center of any party. He is passionate about cricket, watching boring documentaries and LOVES Diljit Dosanjh’s songs.. he could hear them all day if I let him! I keep rolling my eyes usually at all his bad jokes but at times it’s difficult to stop laughing as they are too funny!

We were working in Charlotte, NC in different companies and our families suggested us considering each other as an option for a life partner as we had been friends for a while, lived in the same city and our families knew each other well! It didn’t seem like a bad idea and now we both think it was a FANTASTIC idea! We couldn’t have imagined a better life partner.


Everything was going so fast! As if someone had a hit a fast forward button since we’d gotten back to India. We were super excited for the engagement and the performances our relatives had prepared. We felt overwhelmed on arriving at the venue and seeing so many friends and relatives. But as we met more people, we got comfortable. Gautam had tried a new hairstyle and was worried how would it look on the dress he was wearing. Thankfully it looked great! We danced a lot, met many friends and enjoyed the performances by our family. The food was great and the experience of being treated like a VIP was amazing for both of us ? We were very tired by the end of the day but also excited for the big day tomorrow!


And it arrived! The most important day of our lives! Combination of a Punjabi and Haryanvi cultures was totally a blast! The DJ would not stop until 2 AM and all our cousins had an amazing amount of energy! Both Gautam and I were a bit tired but seeing the excitement of the family made us forget all that! Our cousins would go again to the DJ and implore them to start playing songs again once the DJ was stopped.

Everything seemed magical – The wedding was everything I could have asked for and even more! Everything exceeded our expectations and we are thankful to our families and friends for the same.