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Please note that the prices are subject to change depending upon Services Required, Dates, Number of Days, Number of Hours, Travelling Costs etc… For more specific details kindly contact us…

Our Packages are flexible not only in terms of your requirements but also we provide the most recommended package which suits your event. However, at times it may not suit your pocket but these events don’t come everyday isn’t it ? Spending 20k or 50k extra at the end of the day will only benefit you as a client so that you can cherish those moments for years to come..

Technology is growing as we speak and we’d like you to have a memory which is not only long lasting but can compete with the products and outputs which are years to come from now..

Our Packages do start from Rs. 25,000 but they can go above Rs. 5 lacs depending on your requirements and ofcourse your willingness to spend 🙂

Number of personnel trying to capture your event doesn’t matter as it is upto the photography team to provide you with the best of what they can bring. More the number may not be good as they may interfere in the pictures / video, also low in numbers may also not be advisable if the coverage requirement is more specially in outdoors.

Hence, you need to understand and ask the photographer on what may suit you and what if there is any error from either end ? At the end of the day it is better to go with a team you feel comfortable with as they may be able to bring out the best in you and you focus more on the event than questioning the teams ability.

At the end of the day it comes down to the budget.. which fairly is a matter of concern but you just need to ask yourself that spending a decent amount now may avoid a feeling of regret after you realize what you have and what you could’ve got. Always make the decision knowing what the future holds.. just like your investments 🙂

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