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Wedding photography and its evolution with time

Wedding photography and its evolution with time

By:- Shweta Suvarna

Photographs have always been fascinating to humanity. Ever since the first camera was invented, it was ultra clear that – moments can be “captured”. The entire idea of having photographed yourself on wedding day was still to take birth but, people were aware that this device can make memories.

The exact day, date and time is untraceable however, it is said that the history of wedding photography belongs to the year 1840. The idea of wedding photography was still at an infant stage but, however there was a class of people who would take themselves photographed in wedding. At that point of time, studios were used as a place to click pictures.

The World War two faced a mass destruction but, after that a “wedding boom” was witnessed. It was only at that point of time, when people begin to own studios with sceneries and lights. Till this point of time, photography was merely clicking pictures. As the competition grew, location hunts started taking place.

A new concept called photojournalism cropped in. The aim of this concept was to click picture of wedding as it unveils but, most of the time this photojournalism happened to be nothing but random clicking of pictures.

In India, everything came much late as compared to the western countries. We got our exposure to hi tech cameras and gadgets only after 1991, the economic policy. The trend earlier was to have a studio with floral scenery where groom and bride would probably stand or sit in a monotonous posture and the picture was clicked. There was hardly any kind of artistic process involved. Moreover, it was not possible for everyone to afford the same.

However, after globalization things were changed. Now a photographer is used to be called and click photos in the hall itself. It is noticed that, again there was hardly any sign of creativity shown by most of the photographers. The poses are still monotonous and so are the clicks!

Another dynamic aspect of photography came up since a decade now. There are traces of photography firm where, pre wedding shoots, post wedding shoots are available. Yes! The way we give. This kind of photography is more than just “clicking”. It rather starts from conceptualization of the shoot, designing of attire, hunting of a suitable location and ends at that final strike of a finger!

People are opting more and more for such shoots since, it gives a romantic touch to the memories that you make instead of just a mechanical click as compared to earlier ones.

If one could sum up this evolution in just few sentences then it would be –

The traces are of evolution in photography can be found in the portrayal of the memories of now and then. It was a transformation from a mechanical approach for earning bread and butter to an artistic approach towards the hunger perfection and passion.