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Top 10 reasons why Indian Weddings are the best

Top 10 reasons why Indian Weddings are the best

By:- Shweta Suvarna

Among all the cultures.. The Big Fat Indian Weddings are the most hyped and talked about. What a Reason ? We’ll give you 10.

Here’s to what the Indian Weddings feature and what they mean…

1. Because Indian weddings are totally Indian

Not only the bride, the groom but also the decoration, food, dance steps, clothes everything has that Indian essence to make you fall in love with the occasion. The only wedding where you will find so much of enthusiasm in the guests that they would dance their heart our whole night along the booze, no doubts!
2. And we have the sizzling food ofcourse **yummm** to back our point.

The best thing about and Indian style wedding is – F-O-O-D. No matter if you are not the dancing kind, don’t fall in the posing category.. it just doesn’t matter if you hate getting dolled up with makeup unless and until you can eat food. You just won’t say NO to the Indian wedding.

3. The Relatively-Strange Meet-Up

Visit a relatives wedding and you will suddenly get to meet you so many known and unknown family, friends and cousins that you never knew existed! At a point of time you will finally begin to believe in – vasudhev kutumbakam – in the sense that your entire family is spread across the globe.

4. Not a Dancer ? No one Cares….

You might be from bride’s side or from groom, if you are an energetic diva you are from both the sides! The nonstop music won’t stop you from grooving on your feet discovering newer steps. –Bring those thumkas on
5. Because rituals are sacred

Apart from all these celebrations one of the most incredible thing about an Indian wedding are those rituals. If you ever had a closer look at those rituals we bet, you will fall in love with Indian weddings.
6. Endless #Selfies

With the selfie fever at its peak what could be the better occasion thatn an Indian weddings? Imagine, you all dolled up like a diva in you elegant traditional outfit with perfect lights all around you and so many people to catch hold for the click! Wait – let me take a selfie! ?

7. Because Indian weddings will never fade from your memories.

The each and every fun which you shared with your family and friends on the night of the Indian wedding, from food to endless gossips, from the pre wedding shopping to the post wedding expense calculation every single moment is worth cherishing.

8. It’s the river of emotions… Millions of them.

In between of all the pompous and celebration of the wedding you might suddenly spot the bride weeping off quietly with her mother beside her and then in a blink of second a aunty takes her to the dancing floor and she smiles once again. This plethora of emotions cannot be found anywhere else.

9. Shopping becomes your birthright

With so many rituals to perform pre wedding ceremony, we do need different clothes for different occasions. From mehendi to sangeet same clothes is a strict no no! And hence when it comes to wedding in Indian style, shopping is the first thing that everyone does.

10. Because this wedding binds two families

After the magnificent celebration of the Indian wedding the bride finally bids a good–bye to her family. But its not the end…

An Indian Wedding is more about taking the responsibility to love, care and preserve the two souls in your heart and family. Hence, It’s even more special to the Groom’s Family as they now have a +1 in their family. She needs to be nurtured and taken care of as with her parents.

An Indian wedding goes on lifelong!