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8 unusual promises every groom should make or wedding vows for him

8 unusual promises every groom should make or wedding vows for him

By :- Shweta Suvarna

So last time, we had an unavoidable list of 8 unusual promises that grooms should make, and now here we present such 8 unusual promises that every bride should make to her groom. wedding vows for him

Guys, you cannot afford to miss this one.


wedding vows for him


Be straight forward

We have a hard time in figuring out, what you wished to said, what you said and what you meant. We find it even harder to figure out, what you didn’t say, what you cannot mean and what you expect us to understand. So, please promise us that – you will say exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say.

Mom’s boy

We are, were and will be a mommy’s boy so, whatever quarrel you two ladies would have, promise us that you will sort it amongst yourself because, I LOVE YOU BOTH.


Like you, we have our friends too. yes! They might seem to be a bunch of idiots but, respect them. Give us time to spend with them as well. Like you, they love us too.

Don’t compare

Every person is different, and knows different ways of expressing their love. So, dear lovely brides don’t compare us with any film star. We are unique and so are our ways.

Resting time

We know that you all get annoyed seeing us resting but try to understand that it is only on “Sunday” when we can lay on bed peacefully. Promise us that you won’t ever object.

mard ko bhi dard hota hai”

We think, it is the time to chop off this stereotypical thought. We are humans too, we do get hurt, we too feel for you but fail to express. Dear brides, please make an effort in recognizing that we are often failure in expressing our feelings but, we do love you a lot.

The more you talk, the less we retain

Yes! We remember that we love your voice and flawless words coming out of it, but, definitely we also like to be alone and often in peace. So, promise us that you won’t talk when its time to shut up and feel the moment.

Making us smile

We love it when you get angry because we get a chance to tickle you and make you smile but, we won’t mind if it becomes the other way round. After all, we have a right to feel special too.