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8 unusual promises every bride should make or wedding vows for her

By :- Shweta Suvarna

Be it north, south, east or west, go to any wedding, the rituals might differ but there is something called “promises” that turns out to be same. While each groom is busy in taking those same traditional promises, we feel that this generation – demands more!

So here are 8 wedding vows for her or unusual promises, which each bride is waiting for their grooms to take.


wedding vows for her


Dressing up

It’s okay to say 5 min and take 30 minutes of your time

This is universally known fact that, while dressing, a woman’s 5 minutes are equal to man’s 30 minutes. So please adjust, no ifs no buts. Dressing up is our birth right.


No questions on shopping. Dear grooms, we are desperately waiting for a promise that won’t ask us how much do we spend on our shopping therapy.

Keeping the house clean

Yes, we understand that you had  a tiring long day but, that doesn’t justify your action of throwing socks and towel on the sofa. Promise us, you won’t do that.

No stereotyping

Dear grooms, we have spent ages in stereotyping gender based role. It is the time to flip the coin. We won’t mind, if on Sundays you cook food for us. Yes! Taste doesn’t matter but efforts surely count.

Keep the dates up

We understand that you are busy and so are e but, do not forget how you used to take out time for us before getting married. So, even after married that phase should go on.

Kid like behavior

We used to love how your idiotic things were able to make us smile. But, dear grooms we expect a little maturity as well. #nooffence

Mood swings

We face mood swings quite often, err.. Monthly? So we definitely want you to promise us that you will handle are mood swings with care.


Yes! We promise to fulfill our all responsibilities but, at the same time we want you to promise us that you will provide us our amount of space, as a lady, as an individual.