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7 Ways to have great Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

By:- Apoorva Ravindra

So now you are all set for your wedding right? Then let’s have great party to remember the last night of bachelor life. As you know your life will turn out to be new and changing after your wedding. But people always have bad ideas and think these bachelor parties are equal to risk.

But if you plan it out in a proper way with your friends and cousins it will come out really well. Bachelor/bachelorette party is not only a last night of your freedom but it’s a night before you step into a blissful life. These bachelor parties are also a kind of way to get stress free from your wedding ceremonies or preparation hassles. So how much do you know about bachelor and bachelorette parties?

  • Minimal booze: no one wants to puke their guts out on their wedding day right? I can’t even say that you should not booze. So best option is wine party in your bachelor/bachelorette party. And boozing may also lead to consequences. If you are including alcohol in your bachelor/bachelorette party, then make sure you have extra drivers and you take good care of yourself well especially bride and groom.
  • Plan out the guest list: no one would like to bear party crashers and annoying and irritating people on their party. So plan it out carefully. While you planning ask out your elders too may be they will say yes for little bit of fun and maybe they will surprise you with something you may not know specially in your separate bachelor/bachelorette party.
  • Deny strippers and sexual stuffs: throwing a bachelor/bachelorette party is not about having lots of alcohol or sexual stuff all through the night. You can have a lot of games or other adventures to enjoy and whenever someone asks that what happened in your bachelor/bachelorette party you won’t seal your mouth shut.

Even your friends may insist and pressure you that you won’t be bachelor after your marriage but it’s better to be safe than sorry in all terms.

  • Co-ed bachelor parties: having bachelor and bachelorette party together in one room is new trend right now. You may feel like the women/men are invading your privacy but it will be fun when your party is of themes and games to enhance your co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party.

You know in these types of parties you can have camps, a very nice barbeque set up on a hill station or may be have camp fire and talk about what is fun in being married.

  • Fun filled game: the best way to have really good entertainment in these bachelor/bachelorette parties is having awesome games. Have a scavenger hunt for all like asking some random stranger’s childhood pictures, getting belly pierced, asking some one’s underwear etc. then taking pictures of yours tasks as a memory and as a proof will be a great way to have fun bachelor/bachelorette party.

If you are not into them and you want games inside the venue, then you can stick to casino or card games and one minute rush games.

  • Theme based: create themes for your bachelor party. The themes like freaky costume theme, vintage theme, beach bachelor/bachelorette party or any film marathon will make a great bachelor/bachelorette party. Or bringing up adventure, going amusement parks or beaches will work. Even bachelor trips like shown in the #movie Zindagi na milegi dobara is also a good theme.
  • Hangover or not: if you don’t want to go on puking and having huge head ache on your wedding day, then you should have your bachelor/bachelorette party beforehand like on the day before haldi and mehendi would be better day for this and you can enjoy it to fullest.

From this we hope you will enjoy your bachelor/bachelorette party to fullest and de-stress the wedding preparations. Enjoy!