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6 perks of getting married or benefits of marriage

6 perks of getting married or benefits of marriage

By :- Shweta Suvarna

Okay so last time, we scared the wits out of you with our article – 6 post marriage symptoms to watch out for but, marriages aren’t that bad ? trust us! To ease out your discomfort here are 6 perks or benefits of marriage. Make sure, that you don’t miss on this.


benefits of marriage


Sharing your joy and sorrow

You had a bad day, or you have a good news; imagine having nobody to share.. it feels bad isn’t it? Your partner is 24*7 present to hear you’re never ending stories over a dinner or during the evening coffee. #yourperson isn’t it?


The support

You know, when the rest of the world would walk out, your partner would stand there holding your hand for sure.


Somebody to take your care

Isn’t it amazing to find that whether you are having a headache or a back pain, someone is always there to take your care, to give you medicines, to take you to the doctor? #lifeingood


Venting out frustration

Your partner will always be there to listen, and comfort you. He or she will bring back your temper no matter how much you yell at him or her. The best part is, they will be like your punching bags. #winks


Pick up and drop facility

No we are not kidding! Is it your long professional trip or visit to native place, your partner will always make sure that you are safe and sound and thus, they will ensure that you are dropped and picked up by them.


Love – that feel

There must be people who are drooling over your beauty but, your partner is certainly that one person who loves your angels as much as your demons and yet loves you madly. Now that’s romantic isn’t it?